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Step 1
Register to the contest by yourself or with a team of maximum 2 friends. Ask an adult to register for you if you are younger than 13.
Step 2
Check out our advice and list of tools you can use for creating your videos. Browse the ESA Video Archive for inspiration.
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Step 3
Create your video. Make sure it’s not longer then 3 minutes or less.
Step 4
Submit your video on the upload page. Don't forget to provide some information about you or your team if you're not alone.
Step 5
Get an e-mail notification if everything is OK with your video.
Step 6
Spread the word on social media and in person once the contest begins: ask people to vote for your video. Voters can also win awesome prizes.
Step 7
Public voting and our jury will pick the 10 best videos, that will be presented at the national open day in your national space centre.

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